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Oil change - when, how and how much does it cost?
The cost of 1 canister of 5 liters is 65 Euro
For Renault, VW, Peugeot, Citroen and Fiat vehicles, we recommend Motul 5W-40 synthetic oil. The cost of 1 canister of 5 liters is 60 Euro
Disputes over the regularity of changing the oil in the engine have not subsided for many years, some say that the oil must be changed in the engine every 10 thousand km, others as indicated in the manufacturer's documents, and still others - just once a year
And what does the many years of experience that the specialists of our Autotorre service have?
To begin with, let's turn to the recommendations of automakers, in the service book for most modern cars it is indicated that an oil change must be carried out at each MOT, and MOT for most car brands driving on the roads of Spain is provided once every 15..20 thousand km.
Also in the recommendations of some automakers it is said that in the case of severe operating conditions, the oil change interval must be shortened. Heavy driving conditions in Spain include the "traffic jams" and short trips that most cars that operate in the city face. Hand on heart, the operating conditions of the car among the inhabitants of Torrevieja can be called normal and adhere to standard oil change intervals.

The second topic for heated discussions is which oil to fill in - expensive or ordinary?
In our opinion, if a car is bought for 3-4 years and its owner is sure of his financial situation and knows 100% that having driven, for example, 70-100 thousand km. he will sell it and buy a new one, and for its further fate, the owner does not care, you can save on oil, although in terms of the total cost of this operation, such savings look like a penny.

At our Autotorre car service, we use only synthetic engine oils, which are significantly superior to classic mineral oils.
High-quality premium oil Motul 5W-30 is known among all experienced motorists and is designed for operation in the climatic conditions of Spain in the most heavily loaded engines of premium brands Mercedes, BMW, Porshe, Audi and their sports versions, there are many owners of prestigious brands among our customers and our service considers it its duty to meet the requirements of their cars
If the client wants to use a cheaper oil, we always meet him halfway and, if there are no special requests, we offer him a synthetic oil produced by one of the well-known brands under the OEM procedure. Price 40 Euro for 5 liters.
And of course, we are always ready to use the oil that the client brings with him.
When changing the oil, we always change the oil filter and, if required, the copper washer-seal of the drain plug in the engine oil pan.
When choosing a filter, we focus on the products of OEM manufacturers (original equipment manufacturer - "original equipment manufacturer" - a company that produces parts and equipment that can be sold by another manufacturer under a different brand name) that are optimal in terms of price / quality and are available from wholesale suppliers of auto parts in our region..

Also, when changing the oil in our service, our masters carry out an external inspection and diagnosis of external damage to the chassis and the presence of fluid leaks, so that the owner of the car can solve these problems in advance, without waiting for the car to fail at the most inopportune moment.

At the end of this short story, we remind you that changing the oil "on the street" is strictly prohibited in Spain and, according to article 4.2 of the Spanish traffic rules, threatens the violator with a fine of 750 to 1500 Euros. The reason for this is clear - used engine oil is one of the most dangerous materials for the environment, so our car service has a special storage for used dirty oil and has entered into an agreement with a company that, for a fairly high fee, regularly takes dirty oil out of our service for its processing at a special enterprise.

Remember that this is the same part of the cost of our service when carrying out such a seemingly easy and inexpensive for you cost of only 30 Euros, which will cost an oil change in an Autotorre car service