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Oil change – when, how and how much does it cost?
Disputes over the regularity of oil change in the engine have not subsided for many years, some say that the oil needs to be changed in the engine every 10 thousand km, others as indicated in the manufacturer's documents, others - just once a year
And what does the long-term experience that the specialists of our Autostore service have say?

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Refueling the air conditioner
Refueling an air conditioner for a car is an important aspect of its maintenance. In the warm summer months, the efficient operation of the air conditioner ensures a comfortable ride, especially in urban traffic conditions.
The air conditioner is refueled with a special refrigerant that provides cooling of the air in the car interior. However, over time, the refrigerant may lose its properties and filling level. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly check the condition of the air conditioner and refuel it if necessary.

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Engine repair.

Engine repair in a car service is a necessary and important process to maintain the reliability and safety of your car.

Firstly, the engine is the heart of the car, ensuring its operability and efficiency. Regular repair of the engine allows you to maintain it in good condition and prevent possible breakdowns.

  • Signs of engine failure
  • Significant power reduction
  • Increased oil and fuel consumption
  • Engine start-up interruptions
  • The appearance of smoke from the exhaust pipe
  • Uncharacteristic sounds when the engine is running
  • Very low or elevated oil pressure

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