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Engine repair
Engine repair in a car service is a necessary and important process to maintain the reliability and safety of your car.
Firstly, the engine is the heart of the car, ensuring its operability and efficiency. Regular repair of the engine allows you to maintain it in good condition and prevent possible breakdowns.

Signs of engine failure
Significant power reduction
Increased oil and fuel consumption
Engine start-up interruptions
The appearance of smoke from the exhaust pipe
Uncharacteristic sounds when the engine is running
Very low or elevated oil pressure

In case of detection of signs of engine failure, a complete diagnosis will be required – after checking, you can start restoration work. In the Autotorre car service we carry out major repairs of diesel and gasoline engines in Torrevieja

In addition, the specialists at Autotorre car service have the necessary knowledge, experience and modern equipment to carry out high-quality engine repairs of passenger cars of all brands. Mechanics in the car service are trained and have certificates, which guarantees a professional approach to work. They can diagnose, identify problems and offer the most effective and reliable solution.

In our car service, only original spare parts or high-quality analogues are used, which guarantees durability and reliability of repairs. The use of high-quality spare parts helps to avoid subsequent problems and expensive repairs in the future.

In conclusion, engine repair in a car service is necessary to maintain the reliability, safety and efficiency of the car. Professional mechanics, high-quality spare parts and warranty maintenance - all these factors make the car service the best place to service your car.